sec|ond1 W1S1 [ˈsekənd] number
1.) the second person, thing, event etc is the one that comes after the first
the Second World War
the second of August
a second year student
his second wife
Clinton's second term in office
the second half of the year
the second time in three days
2.) the position in a competition or scale that comes after the one that is the best, most successful etc
She won second prize.
They climbed to second place in the League.
second largest/most successful etc
Africa's second highest mountain
be second only to sth
(=used to emphasize that something is nearly the largest, most important etc)
The euro will have a circulation second only to that of the dollar.
3.) another example of the same thing, or another in addition to the one you have
We advertised for a second guitarist.
There was a second reason for his dismissal.
I asked the doctor for a second opinion (=when you ask another person to repeat an examination, test etc for you) .
4.) every second year/person/thing etc
a) the second, then the fourth, then the sixth year etc
The nurse comes every second day.
b) used to emphasize that in a group of similar things, there is too much of one particular thing
Every second house seemed to be boarded up.
5.) be second to none
to be the best
The quality of Britain's overseas aid programme is second to none.
6.) second chance
help given to someone who has failed, in the hope that they will succeed this time
I just want to give these kids a second chance .
7.) have second thoughts
to start having doubts about a decision you have made
You're not having second thoughts, are you?
have second thoughts about
She'd had second thoughts about the whole project.
8.) on second thoughts
BrE on second thought AmE spoken used to say that you have changed your mind about something
I'll call her tomorrow - no, on second thought, I'll try now.
9.) not give sth a second thought/without a second thought
used to say that someone does not think or worry about something
She dismissed the rumour without a second thought.
10.) not give sth a second glance/look also without a second glance/look
to not look at something again, because you have not really noticed it or because it does not seem important
No-one gave the woman in the grey uniform a second glance.
11.) be/become second nature (to sb)
something that is second nature to you is something you have done so often that you do it almost without thinking
Driving becomes second nature after a while.
12.) second wind
a new feeling of energy after you have been working or exercising very hard, and had thought you were too tired to continue
He got his second wind and ran on.
second 2
second2 W2S1 n
[Sense: 1-3, 5; Date: 1300-1400; : Medieval Latin; Origin: secunda, from secunda pars minuta 'second small part, one sixtieth of a minute', from Latin secundus; SECOND2]
a unit for measuring time. There are 60 seconds in a minute
Hold your breath for six seconds.
The operation takes only 30 seconds.
Ultrasonic waves travel at around 300 metres per second .
within seconds
(=after only a few seconds)
Within seconds, Bev called back.
a very short period of time
I'll be back in a second.
Just a second (=wait a moment) , I'll come and help.
At least 30 shots were fired in a matter of seconds (=in a very short time) .
3.) (at) any second (now)
used to say that something will or may happen extremely soon
He should be here any second.
4.) seconds [plural]
a) informal another serving of food, after you have eaten your first serving
b) clothes or other goods that are cheaper than usual because they are not perfect
→↑second hand1
5.) technical
one of the sixty parts into which a ↑minute of an angle is divided. It can be shown as a symbol after a number. For example, 78º 52' 11' means 78 degrees 52 minutes 11 seconds.
6.) [>C]
someone who helps someone in a fight, especially in ↑boxing or, in the past, a ↑duel
7.) [U] AmE informalsecond base
second 3
second3 [ˈsekənd] adv
1.) [sentence adverb]
used before you add information to what you have already said
2.) next after the first one
come/finish etc second
I came second in the UK Championships.
Tea is the most popular drink, while coffee ranks (=comes) second.
second 4
second4 v [T]
to formally support a suggestion made by another person in a meeting
second a motion/proposal/amendment etc
second 5
se|cond5 [sıˈkɔnd US -ˈka:nd] v [T usually passive] BrE
to send someone to do someone else's job for a short time
be seconded to sth
Jill's been seconded to the marketing department while Dave's away.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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